Brain Lab

Austin ISD School Counselors create Brain Labs to support students. The brain labs are based on concepts from Dr. Perry's Neurosequential Model in Education. Students practice regulation skills, learn about their brains, and change their brain states.

This tour features Counselor Amy Wells at Becker Elementary in Austin, TX. We are grateful for the generous support provided by: Tapestry Foundation, Buena Vista Foundation, Klein Foundation, St. David's Foundation, Powell Foundation, Episcopal Health Foundation and the Austin Ed Fund.

Brain Lab Introduction Video

Introduced by Amy Wells, School Counselor

Produced by Megan Butler

Video Transcript

Introduced by Amy Wells, School Counselor and Produced by Megan Butler

Counselors implement the 6 R's from NME

The Six R's: Key elements of positive developmental and educational settings

  1. Relevant (developmentally-matched)
  2. Rhythmic (resonant with neural patterns)
  3. Repetitive (patterned)
  4. Relational (safe)
  5. Rewarding (pleasurable)
  6. Respectful (child, family, culture)

Brain Lab  Presentation  2021-2022 Brain Lab Data


We together find strategies that work for each student.


Calming Activities and Community Journals


Relational Spaces for Emotional States


Cozy spaces and Activities for Regulating


Regulate, relate, reason sequence of engagement chart from Dr. Bruce Perry


Emotional Regulator Color Wheel