Our Values

School Colors: Blue and Yellow

Mission: Herman Becker Elementary exists to create and engage all students in a joyful and inclusive bi-literate learning community.

Vision: Herman Becker Elementary is recognized as an outstanding school where students develop a passion for learning.

Mascot: Bobcat

Becker Mascot Viva!

Get to know Viva!

She is the loveliest of Bobcats with the biggest heart. She is great reader, strong mathematician, amazing author, curious scientist, and a great historian! You can find her at all school events. Her growl is fierce and strong. Her PRR is all about Perseverance Respect and Responsibility. Give her a big hug when you see her!


Grade Level Colors

Grade Level Colors

  • PK: Pink
  • Kinder: Purple
  • 1st Grade: Blue
  • 2nd Grade: Green
  • 3rd Grade: Yellow
  • 4th Grade: Orange
  • 5th Grade: Red